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We want to showcase or introduce a practical, down-to-earth Missionary Care Handbook for daily or occasional use. The handbook is more than a handbook or manual – it is rather a practical tool. You will probably not sit down and read the whole book at once. However, when you need a chapter in order to help yourself or a missionary or aid worker, or to teach and train, it is readily available as a tool on and off the field. It is a self-help and “help others” tool to encourage, counsel, understand and train.

WHO IS THE HANDBOOK INTENDED FOR? Who will benefit from this book the most? The author has written this book first and foremost for mission and aid workers, but also for their leaders, coaches and Member Care Providers, for the trainers and training institutes of Christian missionaries, pastors and other Christian workers, as well as for sending churches and for their pastors. This tool is also to help the family members, friends and supporters of mission and aid workers. This handbook will also be helpful for pastors and theological students in order to help them to look after themselves and their colleagues in ministry, enhancing longevity in ministry, even if it is at home.

About the Author

Brenda (PhD and DDiv) is a freelance Member Care consultant and trainer, author, participate in radio talks and an ordained pastor. For more than 25 years, Brenda has been caring for missionaries as well as training experienced groups of missionaries from a variety of agencies and Bible Colleges on various continents in Member Care Provision and Self-Care.

These books and corresponding PowerPoints came about when she saw a dire need for a down-to-earth, practical Member Care Manual for novices and non-professionals. She started doing research for this resource in 2003, launched an online survey in 2005, and started writing in 2008.

Brenda resides in South Africa and has an adopted son, Donny, who is a brave survivor from the genocide in Burundi, now thriving as a registered nurse in Johannesburg.