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The Down-to-Earth Missionary Care Handbook

Thriving in Difficult Places: Member Care for Yourself and Others is more than a handbook or manual – it is rather a practical tool. You will probably not sit down and read the whole book at once.

However, when you need a chapter or paragraph in order to help yourself or a missionary or aid worker, or to teach and train, it is readily available as a tool on and off the field. It is a self-help and “help others” tool to encourage, counsel, understand and train.

The book is a practical tool for daily use. It is a missions handbook that will help missionaries (and even pastors) to look after themselves. It will also help Missionary Care Providers, leaders, trainers, churches, supporters, family and friends to understand the stressors and needs of missionaries, helping them to practically look after their missionary in order to thrive on the field and at home.

Highlights of the book:

  • Three volumes of 930 pages packed with practical ideas for missionary care!
  • Written for the novice and non-professional —easy to use!
  • Easy to navigate and find what you need now, without reading it all.
  • This is for people of all nations and cultures.
  • Available in PDF (for reading on computer) format.
  • 24 PowerPoints (in PDF format) that correspond with every heading and bullet in the handbook are separately available for purchase. These contain colour, photos, graphs and charts.
  • A sliding scale applies for the price of products, based on your honesty and integrity regarding your passport country at the billing address when you register as user. This will make products are more affordable for buyers from the Second and Third World. The applicable prices will only appear after registration.

Thriving in Difficult Places – Volume 1

Thriving in Difficult Places – Volume 2

Thriving in Difficult Places – Volume 3

Missionary Survey Overview

The author conducted a survey for missionaries in 2005-6 and more than 2,000 missionaries participated. You are welcome to download the outcomes free of charge in PDF format.

Although the issues that can be measured by this survey are multiple, the main purpose of this survey was to measure the following:

  • Main stressors of missionaries from various cultures and agencies
  • Reasons why they think others are resigning and returning home
  • Reasons why they themselves may resign and return home
  • What care they have received in the past year – main refresher
  • What care they desire
  • Percentage of financial income compared to their needs
  • What topics they think should be taught to Missionary Care Providers
  • Personal comments

This file and all other files connected to this website are not safe for workers in restricted access areas. If you would like safer files, please contact the Author via info@thrivingmember.com.


“I have never come across a book on this topic so well laid out, so easy to navigate and so full of practical wisdom. I recommend this tool for every sender, leader, trainer and Missionary Care Provider, and every local church serious about caring for their missionaries.”

– Floyd McClung, Founder and Director: All Nations, Cape Town, South Africa;
author of “Father Heart of God” and various other books.

“If only we and our colleagues had this resource at our disposal years ago. This is a fantastic, practical tool that is urgently needed by the mission force! After more than 20 years both on the frontline of tribal missions and Bible translation, and in leadership roles, we have seen and experienced many of the issues this book addresses. Finally! A valuable, comprehensive resource that brings real help.”

– Albert and Lynne Castelijn, Bible Translators of New Tribes Mission, Philippines; authors of “The Story of New Tribes Mission in Australia and New Zealand”, 1991

“It is a privilege to recommend ‘Thriving in Difficult Places’ as a trustworthy resource for all missionaries and those responsible for their supportive care. Having known Brenda for many years, I know that every page of these three volumes is based on a rare blend of hard-earned experience and thoughtful research.”

– Karen Floor, National Director: Wycliffe Bible Translators, South Africa

“In dealing with some issues with our staff, your books are really helping us a lot. We have been going back and forth, using your books to help us know how to walk alongside our staff. Thank you for your making these available to us.”

– Leah Albano, Director of Discipleship Training School, YWAM Antipolo, Philippines.